Don Brown had been fishing Lake Lanier before it had Striped Bass stocked. He was well known in the community for his Automotive business. If you didn’t see him on the racetrack running his dragster, he would be fishing on Lanier. Don was diagnosed with ALS disease in 2015. He lost his battle with ALS in 2016. Lou Gherig considered himself the luckiest man to play the game of baseball. Don considered himself the luckiest man to be able to catch Striped Bass on Lake Lanier.

Don belonging to two Striper Fishing Clubs on Lake Lanier was admired and respected by the members of both the Oakwood Striper Club and the Lanier Striper Club. Before he passed both these clubs dedicated one of their monthly tournaments as the Don Brown Memorial Striper Fishing Tournament that would be held each year beginning in 2016.